Right Resource Management Group-HR was founded by Barbara Knight in 2005.  RRMG-HR is human resource training, staffing and consulting company located in Memphis, Tennessee.  RRMG-HR began out of the desire to contribute to this community.  RRMG-HR has expertise in a wide range of HR functions and is targeting primarily the emerging small business market and Non-profit organizations.  RRMG-HR realized the need in this community for a human resource agency that fills a void left by other larger HR consulting firms, temporary and permanent staffing agencies.  RRMG-HR offers these markets specialized services based on their industry. This is especially appealing to many start-up and small business owners that find capital scarce.  RRMG-HR matches specific services with the client’s needs, saving businesses time and money, while providing for its organization high quality expertise with honesty and honor.  This requires a high level of communication.  It means asking open-ended questions and listening, not talking.  This means knowing the local market so RRMG-HR can really serve each client and their employees, not just “sell” them our services.  RRMG-HR is quality service.

In addition to offering full scale HR services to these industries, RRMG-HR provides Training and Executive Search Consulting services to small, medium and large private Corporations throughout the United States.

Barbara Knight, the founder and owner has been successful in leveraging her past and current personal/professional relationships to generate business for Right Resource Management Group.  Barbara Knight was the sole employee for the first three years but due to increase in business, she has hired two employees in the past year.  RRMG-HR will be hiring a Business Development Manager over the next year to help with bring in new business and delivering consulting services.

Right Resource Management Group has an outstanding client list and an incredible number of qualified potential employees and independent consultants available.  RRMG-HR has a good reputation for providing quality service with great flexibility in a timely manner.

Right Resource Management Group-HR is completely service minded, customizing human resource services and using its competitive edge of cost flexibility to attract emerging companies and non-profit agencies.  This competitive advantage is especially valuable to emerging companies and non-profit agencies who are typically struggling to find enough capital to grow their business.  Because we serve two distinct groups of clients, both businesses and non-profit agencies will be considered equally important to RRMG-HR.

Right Resource Management Group-HR has developed a solid group of clients that requires our services on a regular and ongoing basis.  Our clients include small business owners, not-for-profits agencies, and fortune 500 companies.

We are positioned and ready to expand the business to serve more businesses in the surrounding Tennessee area and throughout the United States.